Our mission is to utilize technology to improve the way people work and live.

Technology is most powerful when it’s paired with human ingenuity. At HatchWorks, we forge partnerships with our clients to deliver real results by leveraging technology expertise, design thinking, and business acumen. We aspire to use technology and talent to positively impact our customers, colleagues, and the community.

Our curated talent model, accelerated development process, and value-based pricing are a reflection of our progressive company culture. Hatch is based out of Atlanta, GA, but our expansive technology services span the globe and cater to businesses ranging from mid-cap, privately owned operations, to Fortune 500 companies.



After years of working for large consulting companies and on the client side as an executive at AT&T, HatchWorks founder Brandon Powell, noticed an unsettling trend: The technology services industry forces clients to choose between pricey consulting companies that try to do all things for all people and IT staffing companies with no skin in the game for the business outcome. In the meantime, corporations were having trouble attracting and retaining top Millennial talent with expertise in new emerging and digital technologies. Clients needed a company that could challenge the status quo of the industry and stand apart from the herd.

Thus, HatchWorks was born. Hatch dumped the traditional model in favor of one that nurtures an environment of creative freedom, inventive solutions, and real influence on the bottom line. Its existence and purpose is to offer both clients and talent another option by sharing the risks and rewards with them, leveraging a blend of top employees and best-in-class freelancers, and creating an innovation ecosystem (HatchX) for employees or clients to launch their own ideas.

Founding Values


Work to live, not live to work


Taking leaps, together


Fulfilling our promises


What life is all about


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Social Responsibility

Service to our community



A strong company culture can turn a good company into a great one. Hatch’s culture is structured for innovation, learning, and philanthropy.

Hatchworks culture image
Hatchworks culture imageHatchworks culture image


We are purposeful in our selection of employees and freelancers, choosing candidates who share our passion for discovery and progressive thinking. The result is a remarkable mix of technology expertise and business intellect in a team that can deliver the results our clients deserve.

Innovation is the fabric of HatchX, an internal incubator program that gives our employees a platform to develop anything they can dream up. From launching a new service, to prototyping a new product, HatchX is innovation without constraints. Employees are compensated if their concept becomes a market offering, a new product, or even another company.

Learning can’t happen without curiosity, desire, and the challenge to be more. Our culture of learning involves collaboration among peers in an open office environment, as well as allocated time and funds for each employees training.

Philanthropy helps us remember that there are things in this world that are bigger than us. To enable a culture of service, Hatch gives employees days off to go out and volunteer their time helping  non-profits. Our Hatch Futures program educates the next generation with the technical skills they need to have higher paying jobs. Portions of our company profits are designated to grow Hatch Futures.

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We have a widening income and education gap in the United States with many technology jobs going other countries because we do not have an adequately trained workforce. Hatch Futures gives employees the opportunity to teach teenagers and young adults technology skills that will get them higher paying jobs and better quality of life.

Hatch supports the curriculum by paying for young adults to get nano-degrees through Udacity and online training on a variety of skills on Udemy.com. We provide hands-on workshops to tutor young adults on key skills like mobile development, quality assurance testing, and data analysis. Once trained, we help them find internships to further develop their skill sets and connections in the business world.

Hatch works with partner organizations like Bright Futures Atlanta, an inner city youth based organization that provides academic instruction at Bright Futures Academy, after-school programming during the school year, and camps during the summer months.

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