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Innovation is full of obstacles. In most environments, innovation is inhibited from within the business ecosystem due to politics, silos, and other competing priorities. The bigger the company, the more complex the process. HatchX enables a culture of design, innovation, and autonomy with no fear of failure. Our incubator is where ideas find purpose and finally come to life. By combining our internal skillsets with cutting-edge technologies, we are able to break down the barriers and develop disruptive products, platforms, and services.

HatchX - Develop New Technology

Develop a New

HatchX - Test a Different Business Model

Test a Different
Business Model

HatchX - Rapidly Build a Product Prototype

Rapidly Build a
Product Prototype

HatchX - User Experience

Create a New
User Experience

Our Innovation Framework

is based on design thinking with lean development focusing on the intersection of business viability, people desirability, and technology feasibility. We take a plethora of ideas exploring the art of the possible through brainstorming and prototypes, followed by development of a final concept. With the final concept in hand, we research the viability of taking it to market. If the concept has legs, we use the lean start-up methodology to build a viable product, measure the progress, and learn as fast as possible.

HatchX Lean Model

HatchX Gives Clients an Incubator

to explore new technologies and business models while maintaining focus on their mature core businesses. HatchWorks provides design and development expertise to build out nearly any idea. Our team works closely with you to make sure the strategy aligns with your project vision. If we help you develop a product, platform, or service, your IP remains your own. Our main role is to expedite the design and development necessary to bring that project to market faster, and without all the internal red tape.

If you have a project you’d like to get off the ground, contact us! Let’s build something amazing.

HatchX Employee Value

HatchX Provides Employees a Platform

to develop their own ideas and also expand their creativity by working on the ideas of peers and clients. HatchWorks employees set aside several hours per week from their typical schedules to work on these initiatives of their choosing, and when a project is successful, the employee or team is compensated.  Success can be defined as selling a new solution to client, creating valuable intellectual property, or even launching a new business based on the teams work. It all goes back to our belief in collaboration, shared reward, and the courage to accept failure on the path to discovery.

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