We are focused on digital, share the project risks, and use a curated talent model.

HatchWork’s on-demand model pinpoints the perfect mix of technologists, designers, and project leaders to deliver the results our clients expect, without the high overhead. Our 30+ recruiters cast a wide net canvassing the market globally for HatchWorks employees and elite freelancers. We believe in our model so much that we share both the risks and the rewards through our results-based pricing model. We are focused on digital, not trying to be all things to all people and use a proven development process to accelerate a project’s time to market.

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Technology Focus

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Talent Model

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Based Pricing

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Accelerator Lab

[ 01 ] Digital Technology Focus

Our focus on digital technology enables us to have deep skillsets in those areas that keep our team at the top of their game. With our singular focus we offer well-crafted, purposeful business solutions that can help you achieve the most successful technology transformation. Our offerings range from full lifecycle solutions to talent for any phase in between.



[ 02 ] Curated Global Talent

Our talent model truly sets us apart, allowing us to build a senior team of experts with the right skills to deliver technology anywhere in the world. By blending our HatchWorks team with best-in-class freelancers and strategic partners, we form a strong network of global talent. Throughout it all, HatchWorks remains your single point of contact and maintains accountability for the results.


[ 03 ] Outcomes Based Pricing

Our approach to pricing is about flexibility and believing that true partnership is a willingness to share the project risks with our client should they choose that pricing option. We offer outcomes based pricing which means the client covers only the basic costs to deliver the project with us only making money when the client gets the value they are expecting.


[ 04 ] Idea Accelerator Lab

Our in-house innovation lab, HatchX is an incubator that can help clients accelerate getting new ideas to market faster by avoiding many of the long processes and competing priorities they have within their organization. HatchWorks approach is lean & agile development based on the processes we have refined over the years by building 100+ technology products and services.

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